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Roadworthy Certificate
What you should know first:
• Never put your car up for sale before you get a roadworthy appraisal. Time and time again we see our good customers sell their cars, sometimes at a discounted price, just to be extremely disappointed that their car was not up to roadworthy standards. It is a requirement for every car to be at a roadworthy standard before changing owners. It is easy to lose out on your sale this way. GET A ROADWORTHY APPRAISAL FIRST!

• Your vehicle is first inspected for roadworthiness and if there are any concerns you will be notified and informed of the costs involved. When we obtain approval by you for the work required the vehicle can only then undergo any necessary repairs. You will have seven days from the date of the original appraisal to finalise the work to be done. The final roadworthy certificate will be valid for one month.

• Never assume that you your car is in a roadworthy state. The tests set by VicRoads are very complex and take into account many aspects of your vehicle, not just tyres and brakes. It lists a variety of issues such as modifications and even structural concerns of your vehicle plus many more. These standards are also amended frequently by VicRoads according to what they expect from the cars on our roads.

• These standards are set to ensure the safety of Victorians on the roads. I believe firmly in what they stand for as we all have families that we want to protect.

• Trust in our professional approach.

When buying or selling a vehicle the process is quite simple. The seller must supply a Roadworthy Certificate, fill out the VicRoads Application for Transfer forms and obtain payment in a secure method – job done!

Here are a few suggestions to help things run smoothly:
• Complete VicRoads transfer forms on VicRoads website, using the Roadworthy Certificate to obtain relevant vehicle identification numbers.

• Transfer forms are for transfer of registration only and are not for “title of goods”. So make sure you do a security check before finalising the deal. This will tell you if there is any outstanding amount owing to a finance company attached to the vehicle. If there is the new owner will also own this debt!

• If you are the seller be sure you obtain payment in a secure manner, ie. EFT, cash or bank cheque.

• We recommend that you secure yourself against further liabilities in the event of a legal problem concerning “title of goods”.

• Above all else, make sure you read through details on the VicRoads website.


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